Monday, March 24, 2008

lactic acid

Conversation therapy
Your voice prescribed to soothe/
Life inhabits arteries with glass so I can’t move/
So I stand still…
My legs fill dense with lactic acid/
Muscles become flaccid bags of weight that make my back sick/
Hands cohabit shyly in the solace of my pockets/
We calmly talk but mentally I gag my mouth and vomit/
Your look seeks me
I dodge it/
Your touch treats me
My pain’s chronic/
I evict your handprints oiled on my skin/
Shave my exodermis
The breeze draws from me a grin/
Imagine how your kisses drench my tissue
Shelter breached/
See the way my muscles tense because they feel your reach/
It’s symmetry how oxygen’s a poison but we need it/
Mentally I need your squeeze
But constantly you tease it