Thursday, August 30, 2007

Act I

brick laid on concrete
discretely built a refuge in which to hide/
wish i'd been more elite when choosing with whom to confide/
lied to
double crossed
played at my own game/
names become irrelevant
character mundane/
ashen, pale face graces the crowd
allowed nothing more than breath/
death contorts my knees as friendly arrows squeeze my chest/
press down against wilting turf
bewildered at the appearance of my aiming foe/
the physical blow becomes obselete
i eye a face i love and know/
it's over now
i said it
like that it's all spoken and done/
i shun the choices i made
let's pour you some gatorade
i'm broken
you won/
this is fun
what had begun as an aquaintance becomes betrayel/
or phone call
let's all watch as friendships stale/
well, it's no ones fault right?
time eventually finds a moment to age all interractions/
we stole more than our fair share
so let's let time have satisfaction/
the slack's thin
in brief moments the taut rope will end things
well, end me if nothing else/
it fails me why i find the time to bind with those weilding pelting quills/
an iron will will only carry you so far with those bearing the same colored cloth/
my sword was dropped
when among brothern i found my lover lost/
sanity bound and locked
jot down this scribbled warning/
mourning will dribble down clouded gazes
as i raze and parade the barn storming/
ignore me if you wish
dismiss this as a wandering tirade by night/
quietly brush aside
or abide by my plight
yours will be the first matress i light/
verbally ignited
slighted as winds from the ocean blow blazes east/
pleased by the sight of corpselike ashes
two bodies pass as we relax at the great feast/
at ease
please know that together you managed to end this book/
laughter masks the task of confrontation
so change the song and skip the hook/


as started on august 11th, 2003...1:02 am.

Metaphysical doors halfway creek
Seasons long past
Across my mind seep/
Leaking feelings dusted over
Still not sure if I ever loved her/
Shoved her still beneath the covers
As conflicts whispered
I muffed her
Hushed her/
Cuffed her to bedposts confined in my mind
Designed lyrical motion pictures
But they fissure because i'm blind/

Bind down my digits
Hands figit at vocabulary confusion
Contusions fade with time
Your illusion leaves me inkless/
Blessed emotional mute
Because you hear me whenever we kiss/
Words escape my pen
Rhyming patterns end
I can't write down your essence.
Within the boundaries of my notebook i can't bottle up your presence.
My poem
Like my body
Turns chaotic from your cast look/
If novels were always love stories
I'd want you to be my last book/