Sunday, February 3, 2008

conversations traded

Let your mouth move
With words tie their attention/
Swiftly cast glance
At last our “cat and mouse” commences/
Like a pad on pen the friction strips my well of black disgust/
I lack the trust to nudge your touch
You brush its dust/
Inside I rush to tuck the wind struck hair that masks your cheek/
My vivid imagery depicts my hand
The skin it seeks/
I reconsider chances bleak
If real at all/
I stall
It dawns we’ve never met
Yet in my head we craw-/to any refuge from the structure
Culture’s way/
They seek to fold the image that I’ve molded from your clay/
For gain or not I’ll toss my inhibitions when I call/
When hopes and false pretensions fade
I’ll take the thankless walk/
The lost (through being inept) gives depth and value to the warfare/
Aware we’ve never blended breath
Yet still I crave your air/
That every night envelops
Till you’re etched on canvas/
I curse the land that separates
The space that means to span us/
Distance and time unhand us
These distractions can’t discount/
The way I’ve missed your voice
The noise it drowns out when it sounds/
I recount every conversation traded behind darkness/
Daily I discard you
Time misused
By night we’ve started-/
Re embarking on our portion of the play/
It weighs on me
That any given scene our paths could sway/


m.wise said...

do you stop at taking these thoughts and putting them on paper, or do you say them aloud to hear how they sound too?

flowgun said...

i'm not sure what you mean when you say, "stop at taking these thoughts down." but i don't say them out loud. i actually haven't heard anyone say them out loud, so i'm not sure how that would work. i bet other people would have a different rhythm and piss me off.

m.wise said...

sara wants you to put up a new poll. at least that's what your c-box says. and i'd do it; that girl's crazy. or maybe you can do because i like your poll questions too.

carly said...

i'm resisting the urge to say something. it'd be a hell ticket for sure.

m.wise said...

give in, carly. give in.

carly said...
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