Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fantasy Baseball

Back at the end of March I got stupid and signed up to participate in four fantasy baseball leagues. Two of the leagues were rotisserie leagues, which I'd never participated in before. The other two leagues were head to head leagues, which I performed in respectably in last year. The only other thing worth mentioning concerning the leagues is that one allows for daily changes (for unemployeed college kids), while the other 3 allow only weekly changes.

Here's how I'm stacking up after 10 weeks (of 23):
If you don't want to read the details, just know that I'm in 1st (of 10 teams) in two leagues, 2nd in one, and 5th (of 12 teams) in the other.

League 1: (Yahoo, Rotisserie with daily transactions...ridiculous)

1. HNIC...........106 points (out of 120)
5. Metropolitans 70 points
I'm just 14 points out of 2nd place. A poor draft, crippling injuries, and a lack of daily maintenance has me hoping to sneak in and take the silver in this one. I'm very disappointed. I just can't keep up with a league on a daily basis for 6 months, and am in way over my head.

League 2: (CBSSportsline, Rotisserie with weekly transactions)

1. Metropolitans3........84.0 points (out of 100)
2. ENT...................76.5
3. terps123..............68.5
I actually spent the first 10 weeks with 2 fewer players than everyone else. I had a strong draft, and have filled any gaps I had. I fully expect to run away with this division.

League 3: (CBSSportsline, Head to Head with weekly transactions)

1. Bonds4President.......8-2........3755.6 points for........2972.8 points allowed
2. MetropolitansII.......6-4........3623.0 points for........3459.3 points allowed
In this league I'm actually in first in my division. The best record belongs ot a team in the other division. I anticipate holding on to one of the two playoffs spots for my division, and then luck will decide which team wins two playoff games. My team is possibly the best team, but I've been matched up against opponents who had huge noted in the fact that I've allowed 500 more points than the 8-2 team.

League 4: (CBSSportsline, Head to Head with weekly transactions)

1. Metropolitans.......10-0........3880.3 points for........3025.2 points allowed
2. Bad Karma............9-1........3549.5 points for........2733.8 points allowed
This league has taken most of my attention. I love my roster and I love my luck so far. I've given Bad Karma his only loss, and my point allowed show that I haven't just been fortunate. The only question in this league is whether I'll drop an egg in either of my playoff games.


m.wise said...

i thought only your heart was black!

flowgun said...

and my lung.

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did you see fsu's coach was named coach of teh year?